Nasopharyngeal cancer

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Hi all, sadly I’m on here as to my horror I’ve been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer for the 2nd time 16 years later, the last time was in 2003 when I was 21, I had a large tumor in my nasal cavity, it took some time to be diagnosed, I went through constant headaches and lack of hearing and nose bleeds that would last for hours, eventually after about 9 months of pain and suffering they eventually put a camera down my nose and found the tumor. I had chemotherapy for 24hrs for 7 days  3 times with a 3 week rest period in between, then 7 weeks of radiotherapy. It took a long time to adjust to all the effects of the illness and treatment  it now I’m in the same position again. 

I was only diagnosed a couple of weeks ago but after a year of constant inner ear infections and headaches and then swallowing problems since January I eventually pushed and pushed to get referred back to my ent clinic and after a couple of scans and biopsies they finally came back with the my biggest fear that the cancer has returned after 16 years. I was referred to charring cross hospital to see a surgeon as apparently he is the only surgeon in the uk that has ever done this surgery but he has declined surgery as it will be too difficult to carry out so it looks like it will be radiotherapy again, but I’m waiting to find out if I require another mri to check the bone density in my scull and neck as the last lot of radiotherapy was in the same place.  

Has anyone else ever suffered from nasopharyngeal cancer on here ?

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    I’m sorry to hear your situation, I don’t have any experience of this to offer any personal experience but Maybe someone else will be able to empathise with your situation. Can’t imagine how worrying this must be for you, hope the professionals can get a plan sorted for you soon

  • Hi Mr O

    I'm so sorry to read your post.

    There are several people on the forum who have experienced nasopharyngeal cancer.  Have you tried searching under nasopharyngeal on this forum?  It will bring up a number of posts.  Also might be worth trying sinus.

    I wish you all the best with your treatment.


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    I just joined the group after my diagnosis of NPC in June. I am stage 2 having spread to my left lymph node. I haven't started treatments yet, chemo and radiation. Surgery is not an option due to location. I'm also looking for advice. Good luck and I'll keep following...  I am 66 year young female who until this have lead an active healthy life. 

  • Hello. Yes I got stage 4 nasopharyngeal cancer in 2016 aged 49. 2 years to live. Did the chemo and radio.

    Very poorly for about 5 years. After 8 years just gone back to work.

    1. Any help I can give please ask. 
  • Hi Andy, my ex who I am supporting through this has stage 4 nasopharyngeal swarsoma (I've butchered that word forgive me). He is just starting chemo on 6th June. Any help of what to expect etc would be welcome please. Regards Tracey 

  • Hi, sorry to hear your news.

    The treatment is very intense. Very tiring. His mouth will become very sore, I wasn't able to eat and had a feeding bag attached to my stomach. The pain from the treatment kicks in about week 3 so pain relief is a must and tell him to accept anything they offer. I've proven that's it's not always terminal and can be successfully treated but it takes a lot of time.

    Don't recommend drinking for the pain, my pancreas packed up after I did, so more time in the hospital. When he can eat, eat healthy none processed food and the best of luck to him.