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Evening people,

During Radiotherapy (Parotid Gland) my ear began to crust up and fill with liquid.  Toward the last two weeks (of 6 weeks) therapy I couldn't hear much out of it at all.

Now 4 weeks after treatment I find that whilst my hearing is getting a little better my ear is still producing fluid (obviously more noticeable when I lay down and it runs out).  During the day the fluid builds up to the detriment of my hearing.

Has anybody had similar issues.  Does anyone know what the best thing to do is and whether it does eventually calm down?

Many thanks for anyone who has any experience of this.

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    Hello Ttiggy

    Your post was pointed out to me to see if I could help as I had problems with my ears after radiotherapy.  I was told by my Consultant that a few people get trapped fluid in the middle ear as a side effect of radiotherapy and it can take time to clear.  Mine took quite a while to shift as it was thick in consistency and it caused temporary problems with my hearing.  

    I would mention it to your GP or hospital team as they may be able to prescribe something to help.  I had to have a course of antibiotics as there was initially infection present and then I moved onto a steroid spray which helps dry up the fluid.  

    I hope it clears up quickly for you.  

    Best wishes x

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    Cheers Maragret that helps, I was going to leave it but now I think I will do what you did and pop down to the docs to see if they can give me something for it.   

  • Hi,  I finished treatment for NPC in 2018. My left ear was damaged ,a perforated ear drum and I had infections. I now have a hearing aid which helps a bit as I have very little hearing in that ear . No pain or infections now. I'm sure that yours will get better ,but ask to have audiology tests to eliminate long term damage .

    Wish you the best of luck.

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