Hope & good news stories please

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Hi everyone - I've been lurking on here reading allof your experiences and already it's been an incredible resource of support. 

A family member has been diagnosed with this disease and further tests are needed to confirm where it's spread. 

This is as tough a cancer as any, but we're optimistic we can get through this. 

Are there any good news stories and news of people overcoming Stage 2,3 & 4?

Best to you all fighting this terrible fight. x

  • Hi, yes a family member was diagnosed with stage 3 Oesophageal cancer 5 years ago. It was a tough time and she had chemo and radiotherapy. She had a few hiccups and had surgery but she is here well and happy 5 years on going on holidays and living life to the full, its not all doom and gloom but a positive attitude definatly helped her get through. All the best to your family member x

  • Hi Grapejuice, a sad welcome to the forum.

    I was diagnosed with OC last March. After four rounds of chemo followed by an operation and a further four rounds of chemo my treatment finished just before Christmas. So far I'm doing pretty well and hope to improve more as time goes on.

    Best regards


  • Hi Wino, that's so good to hear, how amazing for your family member she had a positive outcome at the end. May I ask, do you know if she was eligible for an operation from the start of her diagnosis? Or if this cancer can be beaten without an op and purely by chemo? Is that possible? x

  • Hi Geo, thank you for your kind reply - im so pleased to read you're doing well. I've read your bio and taken on some tips to help our family member.

    I am so far reading a few people have an op, which I know is the best route to treat, but do you know if this terrible cancer can be tackled with chemo or similar therapies alone? 

    All my continued best to you x

  • when she was first diagnosed it was just chemo and radiotherapy. The only reason she had to have a small operation was because she had a small hole that needed to be stitched. The surgeon said this was ararenthing to happen but she was fine and still is x

  • incredible! so pleased she's living and loving life again - holidays are important!!

    thank you x

  • Hi

    I was diagnosed in March 2021, T2N0M0. I didn't have the operation, I had radical chemoradiation  which was 2 types of chemotherapy - 4 rounds of cisplatin and 12 weeks of capecitabine tablets daily, and 25 radiotherapy which started on the same day as the 2nd round of cisplatin.  I'm part of the SCOPE 2 trial. For 2 years afterwards  I had tests every 3 months which was a gastroscopy with dye plus either a CT scan or PET CT scan (alternating). I'm now on 6 monthly tests which is a gastroscopy with dye and CT scan (no more PET CT scans). I feel lucky that I haven't had the operation (yet) - though the anxiety of tests every 3 months when the oncologist said it's more likely than not that the cancer will come back, and come back quickly, was mentally hard.  So far I'm 2.5 years clear. Just had latest set of tests, speaking to my oncologist on Monday so got my fingers crossed. 


  • Oh Amanda that must be so stressful. I hope you continue to have good health.

  • Hi Grapejuice. I found out last May that I had Oesophageal cancer. If you want to read my full blog please click on my name and it should take you there. As I am only just three months on from the operation (31/10/23), I  feel that I can give you my good news story that I coped well with Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and finally the operation. I have already been up to Nottingham, Newcastle and Copenhagen visiting friends and family, and now looking forward to a few days in Bologna in March.
    Thinking of you and your relative and fingers crossed that treatment starts quickly and goes well. Best wishes, Julie x

  • HI Geo

    I am about to have an operation after 4 rounds of chemo and a final PET-CT scan. The reality has finally hit me and I am worried about the operation and recovery from it. What was your recovery - slow or quicker than expected? I am keen to get back to normal asap but understand that it is a process and everyone is different - but hear so many horror stories about eating of food, to being able to, and not being able to sleep flat etc.

    Any pointers would be useful as I am due to have my operation in 4 weeks and would like to know what I should expect, immediately after the op and in the few days before being allowed home.