Eating getting better before Chemo

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I was diagnosed with lower OC on the 22nd of March after some very intermittent regurgitation especially with bread.

However I'm actually eating bread again now albeit slower and smaller portions. I find that the trick is to relax before eating anything as this seems to relax my esophagus? Anyone else have any advice or tips on how and what to eat?

  • Hi,

    I know that bread was one of the things that I was advised against trying to eat. If I were you, I would stick to soft foods like pasta, mashed potatoes, etc with plenty of sauce or gravy. Hope this helps

  • Hi 

    Thanks for that. I think I spoke too soon as I've had trapped wind ever since I ate the bloomin bread!! 

  • Hi Bilious Bob

    I was also advised not to eat much bread , but l occasional eat bread,  also l  eat mashed potato, egg, omelette, skip crisps , fish , pasta and rice pudding. I mix my cereal with full fat cream milk also drink milk shakes with a banana and ice cream mixed with it. The hospital gave me fortisip drinks and powders to help with my weight lose.  Hopefully starting chemotherapy in two weeks waiting for PET and MRI scan results