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Wondering if anyone has managed to get back to the gym after treatment, like doing weights and gaining weight again?

My partner has been doing well last 10 months putting weight on & going when he can but seems lately everytime he starts to train hes throwing up in the gym.

We cant figure out anything hes doing wrong some days hes ok some hes not.

Thanks x

  • I'm sorry chemo has been so bad, I was fully expecting it to be awful, but I've been a lucky one (well apart from incurrable cancer - I have to laugh) .  I can't have an op, so that's obviously helped me with exercise as I know debilitating that can be.  Hills round me too (South wales), but I do struggle on the first week with them. One day at a time.

    Good luck with the surgery, and hope you have a better round 2 of chemo.