Surgery next!

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Hi first post I’ve found this forum so helpful! I was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer March 24 this year! ( was struggling with food so went to doctor) . After my diagnosis had my pet scan and laroscopy lucky cancer hadn’t spread outside ! All these test happened so fast ! Then I started flot chemo my last cycle was 30/7 chemo I can tell you the first cycle was a shock to the system by cycles 3and 4 just felt zapped of energy at this point decided to take time of from work to concentrate on building energy/fitness up for surgery! 
I saw surgery team yesterday and have a date for near end of august! Not going to lie I’m so nervous about this op! I know I’m lucky to be offered this but I do worry as a big op and never stayed in hospital overnight!  But I wanted to say since been diagnosed this forum has been so helpful with info so thanks to each of you x I must also say since chemo I’ve been able to eat so much better :) 

  • Excellent new Geo re your tumour shrinking. Good luck with your operation, hope it all goes well. Jacky 

  • Yes hi it did go well ! I was really worried about operation! Op on wed then moved on Friday still on sips of water at moment hopeful for Sunday fortusips! I can’t seem to do a cough though I am trying I’ve never really been one for coughing . And most of was keyhole and robotic I do have an epidural! 

  • Hi Nette I have oesophagal cancer too and my chemo is due to start in the next week or so. I am very lucky too that it hasn't spread anywhere else. I will have 2 months of chemo then they are going to operate to remove tumour later this year then I will have another 2 months of chemo after. I'm hoping to work a bit during chemo but I may not be able to as it sounds like it takes your energy away. Just had appendix out last week as Pet scan revealed it was elongated

  • Hi grandad65 I did work till almost end of my fourth cycle by this time I was tired! So decided to concentrate on getting fitter for surgery! Was meant to have my op 23/8 but was surprised when they asked if could do earlier. Had keyhole surgery 9/8 as I right this 17/8 I’m at home!! Yes I’m bruised but not in as much pain as I thought! Now I need to get my head around the eating side of things and I do feel very tired x good luck with your chemo and after :)

  • Hi Nette so pleased everything went well for you. I'm not even thinking about my op yet as 2 months of chemo first. If the chemo works well then my op maybe keyhole, I certainly hope so

    Thank you for your kind wishes and hope you recover well