Post surgery sickness? Normal?

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Good afternoon, 

my father has OC and 3 weeks ago had his surgery. Since being home a week I would say he’s had one successful day of “eating” 

At the moment he isn’t tolerating anything and not keeping it down. He’s on antisickess , acid reflux medication but nothing is working. 

I know it’s an up and down journey but is this been normal on other journeys and will settle in time? 

also have read in the past posts about developing allergies. Is this common? 

thanks so much from a worried daughter x

  • Hi 

    Was your Dad like this whilst he was in hospital post op or has this just developed whilst he’s been at home ? Is he on a dietitian led diet soft foods ? 
    Does  your Dad have a JEJ feeding line fitted into his duodenum ? 
    If he can’t keep absolutely nothing down then he will obviously become dehydrated very quickly and that’s a worry. 

    Sorry for all the questions .I would suggest contacting his specialist nurse at your hospital as soon as you can .They’re very helpful and understanding ..Your Dad’s dietitian could  help too .

    Hope your Dad improves soon 

    regards J 

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

    He's booked in for an endoscopy tomorrow to see what’s going on. Such a shame as everything else was going in the right direction. 

    a lot of frustration as he was keen to start building himself up. 

    He had been told that there was 2 things that’s could cause complications, that involves scar tissue that need to be stretched and another thing ( can’t remember) both of which can be fixed. I’m hoping it’s one of these two things can get him back on the right path Fingers crossed tone1

  • Hi

    Good to hear your Dad is being checked out ..I’m sure his medical team will find a solution for him .

    From our experience over the past 15 months the recovery path is full of ups and downs ..but it does settle eventually. 

    Wishing your Dad well in his ongoing recovery Heart️‍ 

    regards J