Not the outcome hoped for

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Hi. Things happen so quickly yet time also seems to drag. Had appointment with consultant today following diagnosis and ct scan. Not what I expected, there are secondaries in the liver so surgery is out of the question  desperately disappointed that this is not now an option. Waiting to hear when I can start chemo and hoping it will buy me some time. 

  • Never give up hope. Chemotherapy can do wonderful things still. Are you able to have immunotherapy? My dad unfortunately can't, but as we got told on another thread on here that a trial called STAR-221 may be available for some people who is NER2 negative. We are awaiting for chemotherapy to start (which is today) and then I will be discussing this option at our next oncologist appointment. 

    Stay strong- trials are evolving quickly, so never give up hope. 

    Take care

    Kayleigh x

  • Thanks Kayles. Am pulling myself back together this morning. You are right, staying positive is vital. Family will be disappointed,  will have to tell them now. Thanks again and take care

  • I am sorry to read this Sun24, this is desperately disappointing news, though as Kayleigh has mentioned there are some wonderful things being done with OC treatments at the moment.. 

    Sometimes being positive is tough, and giving ourselves time to take in and respond to the news as we receive it, is really important, but I hope that you can begin to pull yourself back together and that you find your family will react in a way that links to the way you give them the news.. Family will always be worried, concerned and fretful even, but I have found that they mainly respond to how you are managing on a day to day..

    Good Luck, hope your treatment starts soon. 


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  • Hi Sun24. I am so sorry to hear your news. Of course it is a massive shock to you and your head must be all over the place. But as yet, you don’t know what might be suggested for you and like others have said, Chemotherapy is incredibly powerful and can change everything. Don’t be too hard on yourself telling family. I had to wait a while before telling some of the more vulnerable people in my family. You should trust your own judgement. You sound like a strong and straightforward person and if you ever need to rant and rave or ask questions, please know we’re here for you. Thinking of you, Julie