Hi all

So I had a lump removed from my oesophagus that was cancer now have had more tests that have found evidence of metastatic adenocarcinoma cells so going to see oncologist on Monday about having cemo just wondering how long after seeing the oncologist does it usually take till treatment and what to expect at the appointment and what I should ask thanks x

  • Definitely expect to take notes. Much will be completely new, and what is obvious as it is being said will not be so ten minutes later.

    You know what questions you have. Have them written down. Some will be answered as part of the conversation, but if any have not been answered be sure to ask.

    There are no daft questions.

    Can somebody be with you?

    I do not think there is a 'usual time' as such there are such a wide variety of treatments each of which faces its own demands, and cycles.

    Be clear in your own mind whether you want to ask 'How long do I have?' . It seems that that is something they will take the lead from you on. The longer it is the less precise it can be. 

    Best of luck for Monday.

  • OK thanks the way the Dr spoke to me I only need a few weeks on cemo before I have more tests then hopefully the operation so hopefully the oncologist will say the same