I've finished all my treatment!

Hello all. Just like to post that I've finished my treatment and now slowly moving forward with life. I finished the last treatment of radiotherapy in March 2022.

I found I had cancer in my testicle on May 6th 2021. Later on after it was removed it was diagnosed with Lymphoma and I started my cancer journey.

At present I'm not informed that I'm in remission,  but I'm being monitored by nurse specialists. I'm cancer free as the cancer was only in my testicle and had not spread. Chemotherapy was to prevent it spreading. I don't know when my first propery check up will be.

I'm still coming to terms with everything which has happened within the last year (felt like 2 years) and very slowly coming out of my shell and grasping the whole thing. (Felt shock like a deer in headlights most of the time)

My hair and strength have returned, but I have some ways to go. Looking after myself.

Theres a lot I want to post and share with you guys, but I decided to post the news when I should be in bed going to sleep!  I'll write a blog at some point because my situation isn't as common.

I like to thank this forum for helping me through this journey. It's helped me a lot where I had no where to turn to. I do still come on here time to time. So thank you. I would like to return the help given when I can.

  • Good morning  and thanks for putting up this encouraging post.

    Coming to the end of treatment is a massive milestone and can actually be challenging for some folks as it’s like your security blanket of regular appointments and chats with staff we get to know over our treatments is pulled away.

    But it’s important to grasp that when it comes to DLBCL the ultimate aim is to treat to cure. You will most likely go on a path if semi regular appointments and over time the space between these will get longer. 

    The aim now is to move on with life, a life that has been stalled due to being interrupted by the Lymphoma…… some folks can find this part challenging but take each day as it comes and continually look for the ‘gold’ in every day.

    You may find it helpful to make a cuppa and have a look at this great paper After Treatment Finishes - Then What? by Dr Peter Harvey as it highlights the post treatment milestones.

    It took me over 17 years treatments to get into the position you find yourself in today so don’t waste a moment. I have a different type of NHL so my type is incurable but I am 5.5 years in remission and doing great.

    It would be great if you keep dropping in to the community as there are always going to be other who are like a ‘deer in headlights’ but our combined lived experience can be a great support group n a time of need.

    You may want to detail your story in your profile as this is an easy place for folks looking for support to find information, hit the link at the bottom of my posts and this will explain how to do this and you can always get an idea what others have put in by hitting our Community names.

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  • Hello Mike

    Thanks for the link to the PDF. I'll give it a read.

    Thank you for responding to my posts. It has always helped me.