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I have a realy low self esteem but a professional job where women are older. If I tell them I’m worried they tell me it’s nothing. I have fought for my diagnosis since 23 years old due to post coital bleeds and wet pink discharge. Within this 16 years I have lost my mum and my sister to cervical cancer. The last my manager told me was that hormonal changes mean I would spot as I’m not the alpha female in the office…. I had cin 1 4 years ago and cin 3 2 months ago. She doesn’t want me taking time off for a silly worry. I have GA LLETZ on Monday n an appointment 7:30am with work on Tuesday n I’ve told her I’m not allowed to drive 

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    Your work colleagues are not medical professionals, so please don’t listen to them! If you are having a LLETZ under general on Monday, you can’t drive to work early on Tuesday. I’ve always been told when I’ve had a general anaesthetic that I need to have someone with me at home for the next 24 hours and no driving etc (though I can’t drive so doesn’t actually apply to me!). It can take time for the anaesthetic to leave your system.

    CIN3 is not a silly worry-it’s the highest level of pre cancerous abnormal cell changes so normally does need treatment as these are less likely to regress on their own. I’m very sorry to read you have lost your mum and your sister, but I’m not aware of a genetic link for this cancer, although I have read that there can be a genetic link in our ability to deal with the hpv virus. 

    Don’t allow someone to tell you that you can’t have time off for a”silly worry”-if you need to have time off (and you should after your procedure) then this is what needs to happen and your manager will need to accept that. Please don’t let yourself be bullied into being at work early on Tuesday. Have you got an HR department who can help you? If you are in the UK, you can self certify for sickness up to 7 days so I think I’d be letting your manager know that you will not be able to be at work immediately following your procedure tomorrow.

    Good luck with everything and please let us know how you get on.

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi AliceB.  I wholeheartedly second everyting that Sarah has said.  I am almost 2 years out of treatment and my penneth of wisdom from all this is that you have to be your No.1 priority.  You are too important to take a backseat to anything else.  Don't let anybody tell you how you should feel or behave - and this is certainly not a "silly worry" at all.  We are all here to help so good luck, let us know how you get on xx