New diagnosis - trying to remain calm.

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Hi everyone, I received my diagnosis last week following a LLETZ procedure- stage 1a2 at the moment according to tissue sample. 3 years ago I had a colposcopy which was deemed clear and now this. I have an MRI this week. Everything crossed it’s localised. My head is spinning but I am trying to remain calm until I know what I’m dealing with. Only me & my husband aware at the moment, dreading telling my teenage children, family , friends & work. Trying to remain optimistic but 2 years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis which is just about under control but has caused weight gain, now worried about additional side effects. Anyone else had treatment whilst having RA?  I’ll probably be dropping in here quite frequently for the foreseeable x 

  • Thanks for the tips I will definitely take them onboard. I’m so grateful for this community and learning from shared experiences. Your help is so valuable so thank you for taking the time to care ‘ share xx