Finished treatment - all clear

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I just wanted to share my news . I was diagnosed with stage 3C cervical cancer in December 2022. The diagnosis was devastating for me and my family . Fast forward to 28th July , I had 5 weeks of cisplatin chemo (which made me extremely nauseous and exhausted ) and 5 weeks of radiotherapy Monday to Friday. The 6th week was brachytherapy which I absolutely dreaded and whilst it was difficult and so emotional I got through it . I’ve now been told the cancer had gone and I have a good prognosis . I am in remission. I know that nothing is guaranteed but I did it and I’m so grateful . It’s hard to stay positive all the time  I know but the treatment now is just phenomenal - I just wanted to share to give some hope to all of you at whatever stage you are at . I’m thinking of you all and know exactly how you are feeling - I want to wish you all the strength and love in the world and I’m happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability - just sharing experience helps sometimes xxxxx 

  • Hi, I too was diagnosed a year ago 15th August. Needed surgery first to remove both ovaries as cancer had travelled there and 1 ovary was ten times it's normal size. Had the same treatment as yourself. Have had 2 MRI scans since and both have been clear, next one due in Nov. I returned bk to work 2 months ago and steadily feeling stronger. (not 100% yet).