Hi everyone

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Just checking in and wanted to say hello!

All ok my end, I have done my three month check ups with no evidence of disease. Next check ups in September.

Occasionally have leg swelling on one side, but I am getting lymph drainage massages once a week which seems to help. I'm also going swimming twice a week which feels great.

Hope you are all doing ok and enjoying the spring. It's beautiful here in Italy,

Sending love and hugs,


  • Hi  

    Good to hear from you and that things are going well! I think those of us in England will be jealous of your weather in Italy-it seems ridiculously cold here and not much like Spring. 

    Great news on your NED result-it’s lovely to hear positive news, especially for the ladies who are new and just starting on treatment. It offers a lot of encouragement to see others who have gone through this.

    Enjoy the sunshine!

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi Lulabell and thanks for checking in.  Great to hear that things are good for you.  Our Spring isn't very much in evidence over here so make the most of your sunshine!   xx

  • Hi lulabell.

    Lovely to hear good news. Enjoy your beautiful weather. Nice to hear you so positive and upbeat. Take care xxx