My cancer is back?

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After 2 I'm back again...with a cancer? Hope not. But if it is? How to cope with it again? How to live? How to survive...

In 2021 I was diagnosed with servical cancer with lymph node spread, stage 3. Treated with chemo, radio and brachytherapy. All cleared.

This Easter noticed my full length right leg is swallen, and my pelvis lymph nodes on the right side enlarged. The leg itself doesn't hurt, but there is discomfort when walking or doing any physical activity. CT scan showed some abnormalities, now waiting for MRI.

If the cancer came back do I still have any chance for a happy life or this is it? What are the treatment options? What are the chances?

Anyone been in the same position? Anyone had any luck?

Hugs and kisses


  • Hi  and welcome to the group

    I’m so sorry to read you are concerned your cancer might be back-I can understand it’s one thing we all dread hearing no matter how far out we are from treatment, especially if it has been successful first time round.

    I have been in the position of having a recurrence, which was very soon after treatment-about 9 months later-so I understand the fear and worry. I was stage 2b and did not have lymphnode spread, so was able to have surgery, which was a total pelvic exenteration. I did not have chemo prior to this surgery.

    We are only patients here in the group, so cannot give a medical opinion, but treatment options if the cancer recurs would typically be a chemotherapy cocktail (mix of different drugs) or immunotherapy (which usually depends on the make up of the tumour). It will depend on the results of your scans and any biopsies to confirm if this is cancer again. 

    I hope there might be some ladies in the group reading posts who might see this and be able to share any experience of their recurrence with you.  I’m not aware if anyone currently who is going through this who I could tag into the post for you, but some people might be reading without posting. 

    The hope of course is always that there is another reason for your leg swelling, so try not to think too far ahead until you get some more results. I hope you’ll keep posting and let us know how you’re getting on. 

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi Katty04

    I don't have any experience of recurrence and, of course, it's top priority to get that investigated.

    However I just wanted to mention that swelling in one leg plus discomfort with physical activity are, in my experience, symptoms of lymphoedema.

    I suggest asking your medical team about this.  My medical team weren't very forthcoming about lymphoedema and I ended up self advocating: just as well otherwise I wouldn't have got a timely referral to a lymphoedema clinic.

    I was diagnosed with stage 2A squamous cell cervical cancer (node negative) in 2017 following symptoms: persistent, watery, yellow vaginal discharge then post-menopuasal bleeding.  My treatment was a radical hysterectomy followed by chemo-radiotherapy.  My long term side effects include lymphoedema and urinary retention which I manage with intermittent self catheterisation.
  • Thank you so much   for your support and kind words️ I have now been informed that my cancer is back and I will be on some kind treatment again. Waiting for oncologist appointment. I feel like my life already felt apart and being a mum of small children I'm petrified of what's going to happen. It is so heart warming that there is hope and there are people who live with it for years and years. Hope I will be one of them. 

    Thank you very much again and kindest wishes to you️Heart

  • I’m so sorry to hear your cancer is back  I know how horrible that is. You have little children, and that is always so difficult to take. My children were adults and it was still difficult. 

    I understand things are scary right now, but there will be a plan when you see your oncologist. Never lose hope-that is the main thing I would say. I never cried about having cancer-I just wondered how I would deal with it. You have a lot to deal with now, and I understand it is so hard, but grab every chance of treatment. My recurrence was October 2019. I’m still here. This is hard but I would encourage you to take every chance you have. Please keep in touch. 

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi Katty04

    I have just joined the Macmillan’s support group and seen your message. 

    I too was diagnosed with cervical cancer around July ‘21. I was told that I would be treated as stage 4 but I think I was stage 3 something, I had lymphnodes involvement but my cancer hadn’t yet spread. 

    in July ‘23, basically to the day I was diagnosed with a reoccurrence. This too started as a pain in my pelvic/hip area and radiated down my left leg. 

    since then I had 5 sessions of chemo and immunotherapy together. It was supposed to be 6 but in all honesty my body really suffered having to do chemotherapy again so I only had 5. I am now only having immunotherapy which is every 3 weeks. 
    infact today I had a PET scan and on Wednesday I will have an MRI to see how it is all going.

    have your drs given you a plan yet? My treatment is happening in Italy so it may be different than in the UK. Please ask if you have any questions. 

    I too have a young daughter, she is 3 years old. So I can relate in a lot of ways. Take care Heart