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Hi, newly diagnosed 2b last week after everyone thinking it was stage1. The hospital has been super quick getting me in for chemo and I start next week. I'm a little surprised that they've arranged for my radio planning scan before I even start chemo? It's this normal? I'm not complaining but it's not what they told me would happen. I guess all this feels like it's happened super fast anyway! Perhaps they're catching me up to where I should be if I'd been diagnosed stage 2 in the first place or is this normal? 

Any advice appreciated in this whirlwind! ‍DizzyDizzy faceDizzy

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    For me, the radio planning scan was done before I started chemo, so was perfectly normal in my plan. Chemo and radiotherapy are done concurrently for stage 2 cancer, so the planning needs to be do so everything can start in the same week. 

    I’m sorry you found out that your stage was higher than you had anticipated-that must have a bit of a blow. I always knew I was stage 2b from the start. 

    The planning scan is very straightforward-a Ct scan to plan the radiotherapy accurately. I would recommend having an empty bowel in advance no-one warned me about this and I was sent away with suppositories to come back another day! Just a little tip for you.

    Good luck with your treatment and please feel to ask any questions going forward. Lots of us have been through the same treatment so will be happy to help support you through.

    Sarah xx

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  • Thank you for your reply :) I am signed up for the 6 weeks of chemo and then the chemo and radio combined which is why I thought they'd wait to see how/if it shrank before doing the mapping. But hey ho if they have to do it again, the more info they have the better!

    Top tip re the empty bowel! I will be sure to have a big coffee beforehand. 

    Hope you have a good Easter xx

  • Ah, I’m sorry I hadn’t realised you were doing the chemo first. Are you on the Interlace trial? I was offered this but chose to go straight to chemoradiotherapy at the time, although I wish in hindsight I had given it more thought.

    I can understand your thinking now-waiting to see how things went before doing the radiotherapy planning so, I’m not sure what the rationale is for doing the plan in advance. Hopefully they will explain it for you when you go.

    Happy Easter weekend! Rabbit

    Sarah xx

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  • It's not part of a trial but I think they now recommend doing it this way as a result of that trial xx

  • That’s very interesting to know-my original diagnosis was in 2018 so it’s good to see that positive outcomes from the trial are now reflected in current practice. 

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi, I’ve just posted about this. This is the treatment I’m starting on Monday. Do you mind me asking how you got on?? Hope you’re doing well, this post is 3 months old so hopefully you’re nearing the end of treatment Hearts

  • Hi Izzzy,

    I am indeed approaching the end of treatment and am currently in hospital having brachy as an inpatient. Last day and treatment tomorrow!

    It's been ok to be honest. A few bumps in the road with my veins packing up and having to have a tivad port inserted, but I've tolerated all chemos quite well. I found the radio surprisingly tiring and I was one of the unlucky ones who got nausea almost immediately and lasted the duration of treatment. Very happy to get at the end now and going home tomorrow.

    There's a Facebook group cervical cancer support UK which might be useful if you're UK based? 

    Are you at the start of your journey? Xx

  • Ah thanks! I did search on Facebook but didn’t find it, I’ve just requested to join.

    so glad to hear its almost over for you and that you handled it all so well (it’s really comforting to hear how well people deal with it as reading through pages and pages of side effects really takes its toll on you).

    Yes, having my first chemo session on Monday, carboplatin-Paclitaxel, did you have these two? If so do you mind me asking about hair loss? Did you opt for the cold cap? I’ve decided to give it a go (I have two young children and think the hair loss being something you can see would be most daunting for them).

    also the low fibre diet, I’m struggling with. I eat so much fruit and veg. Any nutritious recipies? I was thinking of buying a juicer ShrugJoy

  • Hi,

    ah that’s so good to hear, one more day!! Bet the relief of that is just wonderful!! I’m glad you handled it all so well (with a few hiccups along the way) but it’s nice to hear as reading the pages and pages of side effects really makes my mind race.

    yes, I start my first chemo session on monday - carboplatin-Paclitaxel, did you have these two? If so can I ask about hair loss please? Did you opt for the cold cap? I thought I’d give it a go as I have two young children and think being able to see the hair loss will be most daunting for them. 

    thanks for the fb group ssuggestion! I did search but couldn’t find anything, I’ve just requested to join. x

  • Yes I really can't wait to reach the end! 

    I had the carbo-pac and did the cold cap and have kept about 80% of my hair (didn't bother using it with the cisplatin as I had enough hair that although if it thinned it'd be ok). I'm a bit weird and actually LIKED the cold cap. I do a bit of sea swimming in the summer months and it was just like diving under a wave and the coldness was refreshing as I always found it warm on the ward. I know other people hate it but I'd recommend giving it a go for sure! I've got a 5 year old daughter and the reason I did it too was to try and normalise things a bit and I think it did help. 

    Something to bear in mind is that it's impossible to predict how your body is going to react to treatment so don't worry too much. I think it's also important to remember that a lot of people that are still on forums etc after the fact are often people who have had issues and the majority who have successfully received treatment and have moved on and aren't on the boards etc - so I'd say there's a disproportionate representation of people with problems which is something to be mindful of. 

    Hopefully see you in the fb group and you find it useful! Xx