Ended up in hospital for nearly a week. Bowel problems now also

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Not only the cervical cancer, cysts and precancerous cells borderline cancer on my womb, if it doesn’t rain it pours.  So ended up in hospital on the 8th March.  Extreme bleeding, excruciating pain in my stomach, tightness in chest and abdomen.  
ended up being admitted and put in so many meds and drip to stop bleeding.  Was helping but pain and tightness was still there.  Sent me off for an xray and found I had faecal impaction.  Was put on Laxido challenge to shift it overflow was coming out but not much else.  Working hard to get rest out.  But now they are saying that I should get a colonoscopy to check for bowel cancer due to the fact I have been constipated for so long and have been bleeding.  So exhausted, tired and sore to walk.  Going through so many emotions just don’t know how to feel.   This may put my radical hysterectomy on hold till they investigate and sort my bowel problem out.  Just over this and just want it to be all over.  I haven’t been at work since end of November, my whole life has been put on hold!! Just feel so numb and empty., 

  • I’m so sorry to read what an awful time you’ve been experiencing  .

    I think it’s definitely reasonable for further investigations to be done before having surgery as you have a number of issues going on. It’s very difficult to have to wait, especially being in pain, but the doctors should be managing your pain for you and you will need other investigations to be completed before going forward. Have you been discharged from hospital yet? 

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  • Hi  

    I’m so sorry to hear you are having problems with your bowel. It’s best that they check it out. I’ve heard of other ladies saying that their symptoms of cervical cancer included constipation so hopefully it is linked to that rather than anything additional. Hopefully you get your colonoscopy soon so you can move forward.
    Has the constipation been sorted? I had terrible constipation after my radical hysterectomy and only Movicol sachets and Micralax enemas sorted it out. Took most of the day to work though!
    We are here if you need to talkx

  • I’m so sorry to hear if your story Megs. How are you doing now?

    sending best wishes