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Hi, I had a biopsy on my cervix two weeks ago and still waiting my results. They see a mass on my cervix. Is this normal and if something was wrong would of I been contacted already? 
while doing the biopsy there was so much blood. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. I keep thinking if something was wrong I would know by now, but then the anxiety gets the better of me. Is it normal to wait this long for results? 

  • Hi   and welcome to our group.

    It’s horrible and stressful to be waiting for biopsy results, but it seems from what I’m reading that 2 to 3 weeks can be a fairly typical timeframe. I’m not sure which country you are in, but I am speaking from the point of view of being in the UK. I think if I were you, I’d call on Monday to chase up or at least get a timescale for you to receive them. I think nowadays the time it takes to receive a biopsy result doesn’t really seem to be an indicator of good or bad news, it’s just a reflection of an overburdened system. 

    I had biopsy results back after exactly a week, but this was in pre covid times, and it seems now that the sheer volume of biopsy testing has caused delays. 

    I feel for you with the bleeding-I was the same, and was mortified. I did bleed everywhere when my biopsies were done, and hadn’t expected that at all.  But the nurses were lovely-they’ve seen it all and didn’t make me feel bad about it. 

    I hope you hear soon and will come back and let us know how you get on. There will be plenty of support for you in the group if you do get a cancer diagnosis. 

    Take care

    Sarah xx

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