Liver mets or not liver mets?

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Hello everyone,

I ve not posted for a while but have had a roller coaster 12 months with this ever challenging Cancer journey.

About 18 months ago , I was told I had a lesion on my liver which through a number of scans, MRI and PET ,was diagnised as a benign FNH . Relieved to say the least . However , I have recently had my CT scan for monitoring and have been told that the lesion has grown and am now waiting for the results of a rather hasty liver biopsy which was carried out on Friday. The emotional strain of being told different things by different Doctors is taking its toll . There is only 1 lesion and I ve been told it will be ablated if it is cancer . Has anyone else had ablation treatment? Has anyone else had such a long process to diagnosis and differing views ? I m so tired of not being able to move forward x 

  • I had a liver lesion ablated in Dec 22. It’s done under general anaesthetic. No scarring but it did cause a lot of bruising and I was pretty uncomfortable for a few days. Unfortunately mine didn’t clear the cancer despite the radiologist thinking he had got it all. 

  • I m sorry to hear that it wasnt successful for you x what happens now ?

    I m told I have to go to Liverpool to have it done if it is mets x I ve had it for nearly two years and its grown slightly so fungers crossed they will sort me out one way or another x 

    Good luck with your journey and sending love xxx 

  • They put me back onto systemic treatment - immunotherapy plus chemo, which dramatically shrunk my lesions (by then I had two). Then I had an immunotherapy related adverse event which damaged my kidneys, lungs and thyroid so I had to stop that treatment. I am probably going to have a second ablation attempt next. 

  • I have seen my oncologist this mirning who has confirmed I have metastatic BC in the liver. I have to go to the QE in Birmingham to discuss ablation and will start on riboclib,fulvestant and denosumib  ....have any of you experienced this ? What are side effects like ?

  • I ve seen the oncologist today and the biopsy has shown that I do have a single  metastasis in my liver. I am to have it resected or ablated and then begin ribociclib,fulvestrant and denosumab.

    I have no other evidence of disease so I wondered how will I know if the drug therapy is working if I have no tumours to monitor ? I didnt think to ask this today and its only just occured to me . Does anyone have any thoughts on this ? Also has anyone had this combination of treatment and how has it been ? 

  • They will probably scan you every 3 months. My experience (albeit with another drug regime) was they didn’t start the drugs until I had evidence of disease following the ablation. I didn’t have the drugs you mention because they aren’t used with TNBC