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I was recently diagnosed with secondary breast cancer to my bones shortly after finishing treatment for breast cancer.

I live on my own with my wee dog.

I would like to know if anyone has experienced friends and family not giving much support.

People who I thought were friends have dropped by the wayside.

So I guess they were never true friends anyway.

I also find my family don't give me the support I need.

Like just popping in for a visit or go for a coffee.

I don't ask for much and just push on by myself.

I have told them it's very lonely and hard on my own.

But hasn't made any difference.

I find it hurtful.

Have decided I will just carry on by myself.

I do have some true friends who will meet me for coffee.

People are so lucky if they have this support.

A lot to go through without that.

  • Hi Luppie welcome to the forum and I am so very sorry to hear about what is happening for you. Family and friends can be strange beasts at times, when you need them most they are never there and when you need them least you see them all the time. It may be their way of dealing with your illness but they possibly dont even realise how they are leaving you feeling and maybe its time for you to say that to them. 

    The other thing you may want to think about is to make contact with the Macmillan Line and see if you can be matched up with a Cancer  Buddy. 08088080000.  


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  • I've told them how lonely I feel and how hard it is for me so I can't say much more than that.

    Thanks for support.

  • Hi Luppie. I'm so sorry you've been left feeling so lonely.  Are there any cancer support groups in your area. I've found them a great support even though I'm fortunate to have supportive family. 

    Sometimes meeting others in similar situations but away from family can be really helpful. I find I can talk more freely and not be concerned about upsetting my family.

    Macmillan or other cancer charities may have meet ups in your area.

    Families and friends can run scared. Maybe some can't cope with their own feelings.  It's true, some people turn out to be fairweather friends. I hope your family realise you need their support and you find friendship and support maybe through a cancer support group. 

    Sending hugs to you and your wee dog.