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Hope this is the right place to post. Had lumpectomy in 2006. Since then I've not been able to find anything comfortable to wear. Been to independent shops and M&S to be measured and fitted, but still uncomfortable. Cancer came back 2021, now in bones. I'm not able to twist to do bra up, tried the doing it up and spinning it round but can't do that now. Bought the ones you do at the front and the strap round still folds up. Tried the crop top type that you just put over your head, but they all twist up at the back and again the bottom strap folds up. Can any help or advise please

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    It must be very trying to keep trying different bras only to find they don't suit you.

    I hope you don't mind me suggesting that you also join and post this in the secondary breast cancer group as that will give you the chance to connect directly with other ladies who may have had similar problems and who can share their solutions with you.

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  • thankyou for that, hopefully I've managed to move it to the correct forum

  • Hi Grezzelin, I too am finding it difficult to find bras. I have had a lumpectomy but my issue is non related frozen shoulder. I can’t reach behind to do it up. I can’t be bothered with them anymore so am just wearing the crop tops from m and s. I do get the twisting up at the back and it’s a painful and awkward few minutes to get it all unravelled. Sorry I haven’t got more advice but I thought I’d join you in your quest. Are the do up at the front ones uncomfortable? 
    Jac x

  • sorry to be so long in replying. The do up at the front ones always feel high up at the back to me. I'm not a small person, shall we say so this time of year wearing jumpers is good. Its the summer thats uncomfortable and embarrasing

  • I find the crop tops from M&S really comfy. Maybe worth trying a post surgery bra which fasten at the front. Maybe Macom or Theia?