Secondary Breast in Stomach

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Yup...after masectomy, chemo FEC-T  radio! 

  • Hi  

    I'm currently going through treatment for breast cancer so I can understand how difficult it must be to discover that your cancer has returned.

    I'm sure the others in the group will be happy to share their experiences with you if you wanted to ask them anything.


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  • Hello..

    It's sometimes a hard pill to swallow when the uninvited pal returns to another part if your body.. It arrives with no permission or visa.

    I have been on this road for many years there are loads of treatment or paths available..

    Been on this journey for many years and this little bugger has been a journey around my body.. breast, neck, under my arm and now colon..

    Talk with your oncol do research.. make a list if questions.. ask away when you are seen.

    Lastly.. there is always hope.

    Been on this path for more years than I like to think of..

    Every extra day month year I get is a bonus..

    Sending positive cyber hugs.

  • Thank you Blush 

    I'm beginning to get my head around it all. Ribciclib starts Monday. It's in my stomach and pelvis. Eating is difficult...fingers crossed I don't lose more appetite I'm already ALWAYS feeling full.


  • Hello there.

    I have had this uninvited traveler in my body for many a year. He keeps travelling with permission or a dam visa and yet to be sent on his way.

    So far he has seen breast, lymph node back of neck,  lymph under arm.. Still there and now my colon..

    He has yet to understand he is mot wanted and I rather he passed off.. sorry for the use of this language. 

    And although he has done this over the last 18 years I am here to tell to tail.. there are loads of treatments available to slow the traveller down, sometimes make him.disppear for a while, give him a boot up the back side and shock keep still.

    Chin up there is always hope.

  • Sorry sent 2 reply.. thought the last one hadn't been sent.. haven't used this forum in ages..

    I had lost a lot of weight with the colon one.. steroids..  etc treatment went from not being about to eat hardly anything to eating well now.

    Be patient and kind to yourself its a lot to take in. Focus and what you can manged not what you can't.. easier said than done I found that hard..

    Keep us updated on how it goes and always take with you oncologist.. tell them how you feel and if you don't agree tell them.. I have given.mine a fee words over the

  • Not take talk.. blasted predicted

  • Hello I wanted to reach out x 

    I have secondary breast cancer in my stomach and bones and also on Rubociclib and Letrizole. Was wondering how you are finding it ? 

    Sending strength

  • Good morning  

    Good and bad days. Eating is difficult but getting easier. Little and often. I had a wine on Fri...whoopee x

    I'm on the second round.

    How are you doing ? 

    Jo x 

    I'm having really good days and also bad days. Concentrating on the good. I eat when I have, little and often. I still have no appetit..nore 

  • Hi, I have secondary breast cancer in my lung, abdomen and spine (treated with radiotherapy).  I was on Abemaciclib and Letrozole for two and half years, both well tolerated with minimal side effects. Is there anyone taking Apelisib (Piqray)?