Cancer has returned after 6 years

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I had not been feeling too well feeling sick, no appetite, tired short of breath  and just generally not right.

I went to see one of our GPs who knows my history of BC nd told her I was worried that it had come back.

she arranged bloods and all looked ok.

about a month later still not feeling right and more breathless I saw a different GP  who just looked at my blood results and said I was fine.

I have seen this GP  now for the last 4/5  months while she has tried different meds for a supposed chest infection which showed up after a chest x ray.

jump forward to this week after at last being sent for a ST scan I have found out my cancer has raised its ugly head and is showing slightly in my  liver  and one of my lymph nodes.  No mention of my lungs.

I have a appointment with my BC team on the 28th of December.

to get to the point I am really feeling scared this time and am worried that it might be too late for any treatment to work after the doctors leaving things do long.

when I had chemo, operation and radiotherapy and sepsis twice I felt in control but this time feel like everything is out of my control and I don't know if I have the energy to go through all that again

sorry for going on but can anyone give me anything to put my mind at ease.

  • Hi Kazash,

    I know how scary it is, but once you're on treatment again hopefully you'll feel a bit more in control again. The waiting is the worst part.

    There are so many treatments out there now that some oncologists think of secondary breast cancer more as a chronic disease. 

    I imagine they'll want a biopsy to re-check receptors etc. Then you should be good to start treatment.

    All the best, and good luck.


  • Thank you for answering..

    I am so scared just now and can't get it out of my head that it had been left too late to do anything.

    I am short of breath all the time especially when climbing stairs etc.

    If I feel so bad now how am I going to deal with the treatment of there is anything that can be done.

    My head is all over the place at the moment and I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel.

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    Same happened with my wife, despite specialist saying it won't come back. Secondary cancer is so overlooked yet it is so prevalent.  4 years now and she is still here thankfully,  but don't despair as there are lots of treatments and more on their way, Stay strong and thoughts are with you. Xx

  • Thank you for the positive thoughts, 

    glad your wife is doing well . Xx

  • Hi, I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in March 2021.  Like yourself I visited my gp a few times as I was coughing  a lot.  To cut  the story short I was eventually diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in my lungs.  I am being treated with letrozol,  imbrance and bone strengthening injections..  To date I'm doing well.  Scans stable and treatment  tolerable. Hope this helps you, and  in fact I am doing this whilst spending Xmas in Madeira.   So keep going, don't give up and hopefully  you will get the correct treatment  to control your cancer. Good luck 

  • Hi LEVENS, can I just ask; How did you go about going on holiday? I've heard so many things like v. high insurance, not allowed to fly, have to stop the treatment to travel etc. 

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    We use Insurance With for holiday insurance,  superb prices.

  • Hi Muste  it took a lot of time and phone calls  to obtain travel quotes.  I would not recommend  doing on line as questions can be ambiguous so it's better to talk to a person.  I found an annul policy for Europe,  it is expensive but I am trying to go ad many times as possible  as its what me and hubby like doing now we are retired.  I felt at first it was taken away from me as it took a long time to get a policy but I'm tenacious  if  nothing else.  I cleared it with my consultant  who had no objections and continued  treatment  whilst  away  as it is tablet form.  So I suppose  it depends on the individual.   I Hope  you manage to get away,  just be a bit more careful  in what you eat etc to avoid any illnesses.  Good luck.

  • Hi there 

    I understand you completely. My story us very simikar and I too am scared. I am still waiting for oncology meeting to discuss my options thus time ...sad face.

    Don't know hiw I'm going to do it.

    Chin up though we can keep each other going 

    Jo x