Strangest experience

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I've not been on here for a while but needed to share somewhere.

On Sunday I started talking giggerish and my partner took me to a n e. We got as far as the carpark barrier and I had a seizure. I remember nothing after this but piecing it all together now he ran to the ambulances and got them to stretcher me out of the car into intensive care. 

My mum dad daughter son and ex husband all managed to get up to the hospital and were ushered into the bereavement room. A generic neurologist came out and asked them if I wanted to die in hospital or at home and then proceeded to tell them I was gone. There was no point in using a ventilator as it wouldn't work. They had assumed as I had brain mets that I was at end of life. Obviously they did not deal very well as it was completely unexpected. I had no symptoms prior to the seizure and was starting to feel good. An MRI had previously shown the Cyberknife was shrinking the brain mets. They all left the room to deal with their feelings apart from my partner who explained the Cyberknife and other treatment I had had. 

At some point they all went back to the bereavement room and the doctor went in and told them I was now stable. Back from the dead. 

After a three day stint in the hospital I saw familiar oncology nurses who told me that it was the Cyberknife treatment that had caused fluid build up resulting in the seizures.

I'm now on anti epilepsy drugs and steroids but am home. We are all just trying to process what happened. My family from their point of view and me from the point of view that everyone around me thought I was dead and I experienced none of it. 

I just don't know what to do with this in my head. 

Anyone else been through this?