Abemaciclib (Verzenios) & Letrozole for extensive Bone Mets

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      My mum received a treatment plan this morning for Abemaciclib and Letrozole for extensive bone mets.

I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences on the above meds and side effects. 

The difference it makes once a treatment plan is in place. It’s been 6 weeks since diagnosis. I look after my Mum who has been so strong so far. 

Thank you 

  • Hi Faith,

    This looks like a standard 1st line CDK4/6 inhibitor (Abemaciclib) + aromatase inhibitor (Letrozole).

    Everyone has different side effects, and some people may have none at all. From my wife's experience, Letrozole caused aching joints. She had Pablociclib instead of Abemaciclib, but they both work in similar ways. Palbociclib tends to cause low neutrophils (which is did for my wife), whereas Abemaciclib is less likely to do this, however it has more gastrointestinal side affects (diarrhea).

    It does really help having a treatment plan. If I were you, I would ask why there isn't a bone strengthening drug added as well (such as Denosumab). As well as strengthening the bone that as been "eaten" by the cancer, there's also evidence that it can help stop the cancer growing in the bone.

    I'm not a doctor, so none of the above is medical advice.



  • Hi Andy, 

                 Thank you for your reply which helps a great deal. It can be a lonely place to be in for both my mum and myself caring for her so the advice is greatly appreciated.

    I forgot to mention that the oncologist prescribed my mum the Denosumab injections. My mum also had radiotherapy for the pain on her hip which was causing her a great deal of pain.

    The last two days was the first time my mum broke down and cried after the initial diagnosis. 

    I hope both you and your wife are both keeping well.

    Best wishes 

  • Hi Faith,

    I'm glad I could be of some help.

    One thing to add is that your Mum really shouldn't have to be in any pain. If she is, speak to her oncologist or GP about pain relief. My wife is on Zomorph, which is a slow release morphine pill, and also has Oramorph, which is liquid morphine which she can take if there's any breakthrough pain.

    She's also on an antidepressant (escitalopram) which was initially prescribed to help with the hot flushes from being flung straight into full blown menopause, but I think it's also helping her to deal with the situation, so that may be something to consider.