So tired after Covid

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Hi all I am on Palbo, Faslodex and Denosumab for bone mets. Was on my third cycle and doing really well then 9 days ago I got covid. I wasI n hospital for 4 days because my temperature was high and my neuts very low. I kept asking for covid treatment but the nurses weren’t listening and I didn’t see a doctor for 1.5 days by which time my liver results were up. Consultant said I would get monoclonal antibody but for some reason not explained I didn’t get it. They gave me one dose of antiviral out of 3 then had to stop because liver was getting worse.  I have been home for 4 days. Feel like the covid is well on the way out but I am so bone tired. Also a bit nervous because by the time my next cycle starts I will have had a break in my cancer treatment for 16 days. Would really appreciate hearing about anyone else’s experience with covid. Particularly how long did it take before you got your strength back. Thanks Lyn

  • Hi Lyn,

    I am on palbociclib letrozole and denosumab. I think I got covid at the start of September: all the symptoms and my husband was positive, but I tested negative for two weeks! This means they wouldn’t give me the antiviral drugs. A month on I have pretty much recovered but still feel really exhausted. I can usually do a couple of things a week but at the moment I am just useless. I am hoping that it will gradually improve…

  • Oh Meiard so sorry to hear that I hope your recovery speeds up soon. In the meantime I guess we have to be patient and rest. I am so sick of tv already, just want to play with my grandson and get up in the woods with our dog. I am on day 10 and still testing positive which makes me wonder if I am still vulnerable to severe covid but as I am slowly improving I am going to assume not. Do let us know how you get on best wishes from Lyn.