Numb arm

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Had a mastectomy on my right side in November last year.  Recently my forearm and lower arm feels bruised and numb Is this just the nerves knitting back. Bit scared xx I try so hard to not to let anyone know Don't want to be a moaning Minnie.  I'm quiet then my partner says aim not talk8ng to him and I'm rude.  Got bumps and an itchy rash on both arms and tops of my feet and over my surgery area I don't want to be a problem and people say I'm strong but I'm not x

  • Dear Alison so sorry you are having a bad time. I haven’t experienced these symptoms but I would say any concerns at all you should contact your medical team. I am no expert but I would think either your GP or breast nurse would be good for a first port of call. Also you don’t need to be strong just do whatever helps you each day to have the best day you can. Sending best wishes, take care Lyn.

  • As Lyn has said…I would suggest you speak to someone….you might be worrying unnecessarily….and as we know this isn’t good for your mental health. At the beginning I found it hard to speak to my gp, really open up…but over time I just talked about my worries and have developed a better relationship with my doctor. It’s hard to expose yourself….but it can do no harm and, so what, that they know you worry/care…you’re human after all

  • Thank you for your kind words.  The Oncology day unit have seen me and given me some cream.  Thankfully not all the blisters were jnfected so no need for antibiotics.  Sometimes it's more a mental thing for everyone including those around you more than the physical.  Waking up to something else every day.  Knowing that this is what its going to be like for the next three years, trying to LIVE.  Weekends are the worst.  Thank goodness for remote working.  Stay safe in the sun xxxx

  • Thank you I hope you can see my reply to Lyn.  I so appreciate your response although it makes me cry when people are kind Heart️  I'm usually the one helping others so find it difficult to open up and share. Thank you xxxx