Hi sorry if it’s not as bad as other people x

Just got out of worthing hospital after a wait of 2 weeks of thinking my wife had a beine lump ( spelling sorry )

told at 4 o’clock this evening my wife’s got breast cancer she’s so strong and just saying it’s going to be a ruff ride , we have a 7 year old lad and a 11 month baby girl , I’m in bits

thanks for reading , don’t really know what else to do

matty and fella and husband that’s a little lost and worried Stiff as she’s acting it’s ok  xx  

thanks for reading x 

  • Hello.  It is a worrying time for you both.  Breast cancer can be dealt with with great success.  Chemotherapy can cause nasty side effects but not for everyone, and it does not last forever.  Once your wife gets a treatment plan you will both feel more confident.  Hugs to both of youxxx

  • Once treatment is under way you will have something to aim at. My first diagnosis was 15 years ago and I had surgery and chemo. Chemo is tough but mainly doable. I have now been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer and currently on chemo to hopefully shrink the tumours. Things  have changed so much since my first bout of chemo but don't look that far ahead as it might not be necessary. I had 14 cancer free years for which I am grateful.

  • Thank you for your kind words I wish you all the best in your up and coming treatment, x