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It always seems to fascinate me how few posts seem to be in this group. I'm Breast Cancer MET to Spine 2020 BC 2021 Spinr and Feb 2022 MET to Liver now awaiting Liver resection to remove Tumours and part of Liver fingers crossed end March but I'd hoped this group would be more informative  xx

  • Hi Irish 

    where are you based? The idea of having liver resection is pretty novel for this site! The nhs doesn’t spend money on surgery when incurable I thought..

  • Hi uk living here last 20 odd years I'm lucky I have Private Health care through work

  • Gosh you are lucky to have that as an option! I had it in my last job, but it was very expensive to keep going with it after I retired in 2016 and I thought I was cancer free then, 11 years after primary! Do you have just a single liver lesion? Worth doing if that is the case. Unfortunately I have lots so surgery not an option anyway. 

  • Hi

    When i get on this site, i tend to check the main breast cancer forum, this one and the TNBC. Its strange becuase i struggle to 'identify' with most of the posts on the main breast cancer forum because for many they are having a finite period of treatment because of their primary cancer and they talk of cure. Which is brilliant for them and its great when you read the stories of ladies coming towards the end of their treatment and also the level of support from ladies who have finished treatment and go on to support others is amazing.

    So i suppose it would be good if this forum was more active. anyway i have mets in the lymph nodes in my neck and also my lungs. i have a ct scan on Thursday to check whether the gemcarbo regime i'm on now is working. i started on capecitabine which dint work at all for me. i'm also being treated privately through my husband's work insurance. 

    how are you feeling about your surgery ?

  • Hi there you should probably move over to the Facebook secondary breast cancer groups, there's much more activity, I only joined Facebook recently because of that. 

    Take care

  • Can you send me details please as I don't do much Facebook thanks 

    • Had mri at 7pm last night was in scan for 50 minutes long time today spent 5 hours packing lorries for Ukraine knackered now but felt good Thumbsup 
  • Hi there I tried sending you screenshots of the groups I joined but I don't think it let me on here

     So the groups are:

    Secondary breast cancer support group

    Metastatic breast cancer - information sharing and support

    2nds together - supporting secondary breast cancer patients

    Hope this helps

    Take care

    Jools xx

  • Hi just wand to get results now from Liver MRI and hopefully get a date for Surgery . I'm concerned but trying to keep it together as dont want the floodgates opening