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hi, Has anyone been to Europe recently? Who did you get to insure you? Looking for advice on who to go to for insurance. Thanks

  • Just in case anyone is searching and finds this thread.  I've just got an annual, multi-trip policy with InsuranceWith.  It covers me and my partner and was less that £135 for the year.  I've got bone mets and am on Palbociclib and other meds and it's all covered.

  • I was recently made aware that you can still use a new card that replaces the old E111 European travel card, so you can still receive care in Europe which it is then billed to the NHS. There are a couple of options in the government website (depending on the countries you want to travel to), I applied for the UK Global Health Insurance option for me and my family and got cards delivered in a couple of weeks time. 

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    i have tried so many and most won’t even give me a price and one that did quoted £887 for one week in Europe. I have Breast Cancer and mats on my bones. I will give them a try x

  • Try

    Just got a policy  10 nights in egypt for us both (61 and 53) wife has secondary to liver and spine and lymphodaema and high platelets, £100.47. Excellent website, hope this helps. 

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    just got annual policy for me and hubby £194 I’m so relieved 

    thank you so much x

  • Excellent,  so glad.  Just shows there are decent companies around, glad to be of help.

  • Hi Loch & Glens, I went to Menorca in April & couldn’t get insured, so I went without. I have a GHIC (formerly EHIC - European Health Card) that’s an extension of NHS in Europe so I just rocked it & have secondary breast cancer with Bone, brain & lung mets. 

    Good luck. 

  • I have metastatic breast cancer it’s spread to liver and lungs! I’m stable and on palbociclib and I got holiday insurance for a week in September to Canaries with InsuranceWith for £30 10 so I was well happy with this! Good luck to you going forward x

  • I have metastatic breast cancer and on palbociclib  mets in liver and lungs! I got travel insurance with Insurancewith £30.10 I was well happy with this . Good luck going forward x

  • Hi who was this with please? I’m with Aviva through HSBC and they told me earlier this year they don’t cover breast cancer. I’m now secondary and awaiting a treatment plan. Would love to still fly, otherwise I’m stuck in the UK.

    Many thanks xx