Astra Zeneca Jab & increase in cancer growth.

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Has anyone noticed that their cancer markers & cancer increased after taking the Astra Zeneca COVID 19 jab ?

I was ok after the first jab no change in cancer, tumour marker went up slightly but nowt else. Fast forward to when I had my second jab & I felt dreadful for a few days after ( flu like symptoms) then when I had my usual cancer MOT a month or 2 after my 2nd Jab (CT with contrast/ MRI & bloods) They found a Cancer lesion in a new site in my spine & cancer marker had jumped up 9-10 marks.

This could be a coincidence, but up till having the jab everything had been stable. 

  • Mine has gone up from 90 to 190 in the last 5 months. I noticed it did start going up after my first Astra z jab Flushed

  • I'm so glad I found your post.  I had Astra Zenaca and was fine with the first jab. Had 2nd jab and developed a cough for months and wheezing.  By the time I had results of my ct scan in late August cancer had reignited in my back 1mm.  Fast forward to yesterday's scan and now in 3 new places.  Whilst we will never know I am hearing more about people's cancer reawakening. I am not going to have the Booster, it's too risky. 

  • To give some contrast, my wife had both AZ jabs during chemo, and her mets are gone (NED) for now. I think it's a bit dangerous to confuse observation with causation. She's since had a third (Pfizer) jab.

  • Hi Moglet,  Although my cancer marker increased along with further tumours being found in my brain. I still had the booster, as I feel that it will protect me from COVID which is a lot better than catching it. Please think about it as there are more strains being found & with our immune system’s being compromised we do need protection. Good luck & stay safe. 

  • That’s good to hear but I’ve noticed more & more cancer patients having their cancers increase after having the jabs, maybe it’s just coincidence but I’d doubt it. that’s not to say that I’ve not had the jabs or booster because I have. I do think it will help protect against COVID. I just find the correlation between number of patients noticing an increase in cancer markers after having the jabs is interesting & in my opinion should be investigated further.  However it won’t be as they’ve more important things to be doing. 
    Glad your wife is NED & long may it continue. All the best for Christmas & the new year   

  • I had primary breast cancer back in 2018. No lymph nodes involved and tumour only 12mm. ER + her2 negative so low risk for metastases. In Jan 2021 had AZ jab and in March then not long after started with severe back pain. Spinal metastases diagnosed in July 2021. I have my suspicions about those covid jabs. 

  • FOR others who like me, are reading this much later

    As someone with secondary, I strongly agree with , confusing observation and causation is dangerous, particularly as this group has a high proportion of vulnerable people. Best to speak to your consultant or breast cancer nurse if not clear about anything so you can make an informed decision, which is different for everyone.

  • Hi Greenery, what’s the point if no one is investigating this further or doing further research into it.
    As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts to other people I have strongly recommended they have the boosters as it will hopefully prevent them from catching COVID, I just find that more & more people are coming forward with an increase to their cancer, a few more than can be ignored I think. I’m not by any stretch advising people not to be vaccinated or have a booster!

  • I haven’t had that jab so far 5 phizer and 1 moderna with no side effects- got another booster next week so we shall see

    its probably just a coincidence 

    I had my diagnosis right after the first jab and an anti vax friend of mine said asked if the jab caused it  (it wasn’t as I have neurofibromas which gives a predisposition to tumour growth, so that caused it)