Diagnosed the second time with breast cancer

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Hi I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer again In the same breast. I had a lumpectomy and chemo 24 years ago.  As You can imagine I’m devastated.   They have advised a mastectomy.  I’m having further scan and Ct to check everything else.  I wondered if anyone else has been through the same thing    And do I go for a double mastectomy   Whats It like having no breasts at all?   WhAt the prothetics like?  Thank you 

  • I have bilateral mastectomy in a strange way it frees you , my back doesn’t ache anymore. I do not wear prosthetics if people notice and are negative that is their issue. I do dress in a way not to draw attention though. I am going to have tattoos to cover up 

  • Beautifully written and glad that you are doing what makes you feel free and positive.  Heart


  • I am sorry that you have to deal with Breast cancer again.  Is there any reason you can’t have lumpectomy with radiation?  It is a hard decision to make if you want single or double mastectomy but am sure many wonderful women on this site will be able to help you figure it all out.  I had lumpectomies on both breasts so can’t advise you.  Hugs to you .


  • I had a lumpectomy last time and radiotherapy   and the consultant said the breast is too unstable so I have to have a mastectomy which i am petrified about.  My daughters wedding is in 12 weeks time and im determined to be there.  How long did other people take to recovery after a mastectomy?

  • Here is a very positive story.  My mother in law had a radical mastectomy in 1976 and that was a major surgery back then.  Her son was graduating from college a week after surgery and she was determined to go.  So she went with the drains in, bandages on and looked gorgeous.  She also didn’t take any pain medication as she wanted an alcoholic drink it two.  She was so determined and we had a beautiful day as a family.  I miss her so much, a real inspiration.  Thank God they don’t do radical mastectomies anymore.  
    Hugs to you.


  • Thank you.  I need positive stories.   Feeling petrified 

  • Hi, I’ve had a double mastectomy. But as two separate operations a year apart. The prosthetic  for the single mastectomy was excellent. No way could anyone tell. It didn’t move around and was soft like a breast. It’s made of a silicone type of material, but much nicer. They measure it to match your other breast.  It  has a slight nipple too, just a bit of one. Nowadays I don’t wear any prosthetics. I’m fine being a flattie. I wear clothes that don’t make it obvious.
    When you have a mastectomy, you are given a standard 8 week medical certificate. But I could have gone to a wedding several weeks before that. But probably best not to knock the area as the internal stitches take about 6 weeks to heal (I seem to remember). 

  • Thank you.  That is helpful.  Where did you get you bras and prosthetic from?  I know the hospital provides one initially.  Was the silicone one from the hospital?

  • Hi, yes, the breast clinic supplied and measured me for everything. I was invited in, by an appointment letter.