Triple Negative questions

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Hey all,

I was diagnosed with Grade 3 triple negative, Stage 2 (3cm) about a month ago. I know chemo is pushed for this but I won't do chemo. I don't have a choice on surgeons due to my insurance (US). The one I was assigned said she 'eyeballs and feels' for the tumor to remove it, which doesn't give me a lot of confidence. I guess I'm naïve thinking if they need to use microscopes to see if cells are malignant in a biopsy, they'd use them in surgery! So I'm going to opt for mastectomy. But because this is an aggressive cancer, I wonder if I should get a double one? And I worry about even considering reconstruction as wouldn't that mean the cancer might come back underneath and be even harder to treat? 

I can't find anything online about what results are if you don't do chemo. So I'm not expecting a long life. but I just thought maybe if I did a double mastectomy it might give me a bit more time?

Is there anyone anyone in this category has experience with this one?