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Triple negative breast cancer diagnosis 4 days ago, not coping well.  Health care professional myself and need to regain control and understanding. 

Desperate to push through required outstanding investigations and get to treatment ASAP. 

Petrified of mastectomy,  hoping for lumpectomy,  dreading chemo 

  • understandable and i felt similar but i guess the problem is they don’t really know, ultrasound and  mammograms don’t show it all affected tissue, mine was said to be 2.7 was 3.5, after surgery. reports take a long time. there is so much waiting and waiting.

  • I am also triple negative and still have to go back for another biopsy, everything just seems to be taking so long and I haven’t even started any treatment as yet which will be chemo first then op. Feel anxious as they have found a cyst on my lung and now need another ultrasound for that but possible nothing to worry about but how can you not worry? Just want things to happen now x 

  • I know,  have to keep reminding myself that what the biopsy and preop investigations show is not necessarily the final outcome 

  • I've got a ovarian cyst issue as well.  Because of the BRACA association with triple neg and the incidence of ovarian cancer with BRACA i need to have that looked at too.

    Feel like im forever taking off either my knickers or bra in front of people  Shrug

  • How are you coping with it all they mentioned the braca gene and may test for it too. I’m sitting here trying not to worry about it all but it’s hard and sleep is non existent aswell as eating. I am tying to remind myself to be positive x

  • Hi Vivienne. I recently retired from nursing and breast cancer was not part of my retirement plans! I completely understand your feelings re loss of control and fear of what's to come. I didn't think it was possible to cry so much ( the slightest thing sets me off ) and so often. I'm not sure why mastectomy is recommended in some cases and lumpectomy in others, but they both bring their challenges. You're not going mad - your mind and body have had a major shock which will take time to process. I find the carousel of tests, waiting for results, more tests and changing treatment plans more stressful than I thought possible, but try to take things in bite size chunks and cry as often and as loudly as you need to, it does help, as do the lovely people on this forum.  We're all at different stages of a journey with signposts few and far between. I hope your treatment etc is quick and uneventful x

  • Not sleeping is major issue for me too , makes me so more vulnerable and tearful. 

    I opted for BRACA testing immediately as i have a daughter, sister and niece who could potentially be affected. 

    I suspect ill be negative as there i no cancer at all in my family, if we were carrying BRACA id expect tbere to be a good smattering of family members who had cancers.

    Mind you the way my lucks going currently Shrug

  • I took some Melatonin last night as well as my usual amitryptilline and it did help a bit

  • Hi  and another warm welcome to the forum. I was diagnosed at a similar age to you (59 in my case) and am now 5 years down the line. I had a different brand of breast cancer but just wanted to say that you will hopefully start to feel less out of control once your treatment starts. The stage you are at is truly tortuous, in limbo while you wait for tests, results and appointments. Re the letters from the hospital with diagnostic and pathology details - I have a love/ hate relationship with these; on the one hand I want to have as much information as possible as it’s my body and also so that I can research stuff (from reputable sites) that’s relevant to me. But on the other hand, seeing it all there in print makes it all the more real and scary. 
    Hope you soon have a treatment plan and can get started. Sending love and a big virtual hug, HFxx

    HappyFeet1 xx
    Don’t be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts. – Hopi
  • I had great grandmother and grandmother with breast cancer but my genetics came back negative xx