Reconstruction using stomach fat/tissue

Hi I need to decide on reconstruction.  How long has it taken to recover from the abdomen surgery for reconstruction.  I'm just not sure I can handle the recovery.  Thanks in advance x

  • Re support knickers - I used some high support ones by Triumph. There are proper medical support ones out there but  I didn't use them. Using a thin pair of knickers underneath is a good idea if you want to save washing the support knickers every day. Also, although there can be some swelling, for me at least, all my tummy fat disappeared and because it was all so tight I couldn't eat a lot and lost weight, I actually went down in size post op. Xxx

  • The important thing is that you’re getting the right/best reconstruction for you, hope it all goes smoothly.

    Support pants! I find it so interesting how different hospitals and consultants give out differing information. I was advised not to use any kind of spandex or support pants post surgery as my consultant told me they increase the risk of blood clots. I was discharged with a kind of Velcro girdle that wrapped around my stomach and was told to put it on over my clothes when standing and remove it when sitting or lying down. I’m not saying my consultant was correct or not as I’m not medical, just saying it’s interesting the differing views. Kudos to  there’s no way I was going to Austria 4 weeks after my op RoflRofl

    Re rock hard titi! I have been having some scar therapy at my local hospice and it has really helped soften up by scar tissue and breast, maybe there’s something like that locally to you? X

  • Thankyou Joy. Strange how advice differs so much...I will see what my surgeon recommends Fingers crossed