Tips for hair/useful supplements post chemo

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Hi ladies,

I hope you are all doing well and have had a problem free week. Due to side effects, my chemo cycle is being reduced, meaning I only have 2 infusions left and then just continuing on with Herceptin every 3 weeks until July. I've lost about 30% of my hair on head and managed to keep my eyebrows mostly and eyelashes. I'm looking for post chemo recommendations for shampoos/conditioner and any supplements that might be helpful for regrowth. Also, anything supplement wise that might help with menopause going forward - particularly hot flushes. Hrt is no longer an option. Any tips and or recommendations most welcome for general wellbeing and recovery. I am taking a probiotic as my oncologist said it's ok. This seems to be helping with my diarrhea and stomach pain. I really want to use December to get back to feeling like me before returning to work in the NY. Thank you.



  • Hi Moomin48, I use faith in nature shampoo and also organic colour systems. I also have used hair, eyebrow and eyelash serums from lash uk. So far I have been very pleased with the results. I have kefir as my probiotic for hot flushes. I ha e also been told acupuncture is good too. I don’t take any supplements, instead I try to have a good diet but I do slip up from time to time . 
    Wishing you all the best.

    Hugs from cuffcake x x x x x

  • Thank you, that's really helpful and I'm going to checkout that website. I was thinking about accupuncture as an option to try. It'll be a good excuse to try a few new things and book in some treats! Xx

  • This one is obvious but a good diet from basic ingredients, fibre, fruit and veg, nuts seeds and enough protein to rebuild you. Peeny Brohn can offer you a nutritionist appointment for advice. It’s a voluntary donation basis. Canceractive have some advice on supplements. Most things can be obtained from a healthy diet with lots of herbs, spices, fruit and veg with lots of variety. Some things I have heard mentioned are turmeric, matcha green tea, sprouting brocolli seeds, leafy greens - 2 good helpings a day as part of healthy diet. Other things are vit D, fish oil, ground flaxseed amongst other things. Do check with your team to ensure they are ok with what you are taking.

  • Zephyr

    Crashing this thread to ask you if it's ok to take tumeric along side aromatase inhibitors (exemestane in my case)

    My osteoarthritis is getting worse and worse, not helped by aromatase inhibitors.


  • Philip Kingsley do a shampoo and conditioner development by his wife when she had chemo. M&S stock it.