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Hi all looking for advice if any one could help please.i have had two sets of biosopy a mammogram one then a vae and they still can't tell so got to have an op now on the area of calfications and get clear margins I think he said and another marker put in for the op any information appreciated thank you xxx

  • It might be wise to speak with a breast care nurse to get some insight into your specific situation. I had a marker inserted during my biopsy but then also had a magseed inserted before my lumpectomy surgery so it could be that, but it sounds like you really need some more information from your consultant. 

    Hope everything goes goes well xx

  • Hi, I was told on the first day I had breast cancer due to the needle test.  My biopsy showed as no cancer but the breast surgeon wasn’t convinced so did another biopsy.  He also said he would remove the mass anyway if it didn’t show as cancer as it could become cancerous in ten years time.  My second biopsy showed up as tubular cancer. Which is very rare and hard to diagnose.  I had two surgeries (lumpectomy) and two weeks radiotherapy and on Anastrozole for 5 years.  Hope all goes well with your journey.