New cancer diagnosis

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Hi, I've just had a diagnosis today of Invasive lobular carcinoma, fortunately stage 1. Feeling grateful it's early stage but shocked too. I have quite a large tumour and small breasts, so I'm opting for a mastectomy as there would be much left anyway if I had a lumpectomy.

Anyone else had similar?

  • Hi welcome to the forum. I'm recently diagnosed and had my lumpectomy and sentinels removed a week ago. I'm healing well. I am HER2 + grade 3 so good that cancer removed however need chemo to make sure it's not travelled anywhere else. Not same kind as yourself however same worries, same concerns.

    I'm glad they caught yours early and I wish you a speedy recovery. 

    I'm sure there will be others on the forum on the same path as yourself xx

  • Yes I had similar except mine was grade 3. I had a mastectomy for same reason. It went well, very little pain after just a bit of soreness and healed very well. I am now about to have 3 weeks radiotherapy 5 times a week. I have been very lucky with few delays except for waiting for scans and test results and have been impressed withe the support and care and information given all the way. Do hope you have similar experience and all goes well.xx

  • Hi, I'm so sorry you're having to go through this too. I'm glad your op went well and fingers crossed the chemo won't be too bad. As you say, at least the cancer has been removed.

    I wish you a speedy recovery too!

  • Hi, I am so glad to hear everything is going as well as it can in the circumstances. I've also been really impressed with the care and support I've had so far, and I can't quite believe how quickly I've come from seeing a pull under my skin to diagnosis and mastectomy planned. I'm finding it quite hard to process.

    I'm trying to prepare for the mastectomy. Did you have a drain? And did you have to sleep slightly elevated? I  always find it hard to sleep propped up when I have a cold so I'm wondering whether to pick up a secondhand recliner chair from marketplace as it may be more comfortable.

    Did you know you were going to need radiotherapy from the outset? I've been told I may not need radio or chemo and wondered if that's because it's stage 2 and they think it's not in my lymph nodes?

    I hope all the radiotherapy goes well for you