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  • Has anyone else had the dilemma of going ahead with a single mastectomy next week, or wait til genetic screening results then a possible double mastectomy ( even though only one breast has cancer)??
  • Hi  

    I haven't had to make the decision you're faced with but I noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet. Responding to you will 'bump' your post back to the top of the discussion list again.

    Wishing you all the best with whatever you decide to do.

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  • I was fortunate that my BRACA came back just prior to my surgery date. It was negative and therefore I proceeded with lumpectomy.

    Personally, for me, mastectomy was my worse case scenario so I held onto the option of lumpectomy as long as possible.

    Hopefully, not a decision I will regret in the future !!!

  • Thankyou,  my decision is to wait for genes result to see if recommended a double mastectomy. How long did you have to wait for the genetic results?

  • Hi,

    I had a lumpectomy in my left breast as I had pre cancerous cells and a masectomy and lymph nodes removal on the right side at the end of January. I did ask my surgeon about having a double masectomy but he thought it was not necessary to lose a good breast so I  agreed with him. I had the genetic test after surgery once I had seen my oncologist and 6 weeks after having the test, she phoned to say it was negative- which as you can imagine, was a relief. 

    The surgery was really neat and my new body shape is something I have come to love. I didn't have reconstruction as I didn't want further surgery so for the last few months I have been flat and proud.....on my right side anyway. Surgery was not what I expected and there was little pain, just discomfort (I only took paracetamols for a week) and I now have majority of my movement back and some numbness which I knew would happen.

    I wanted the surgery carried out sooner as I didn't want the cancer to be in my body any longer than it needed to be. Therefore, I didn't want to wait 6 weeks for the results back before having surgery.

    I started EC on 1st March  3x 3week cycles before moving to 9 weekly chemos. I had my 9th today so only have 3 left.  I will then have 15 sessions of radiotherapy. 

    I hope this makes sense and it isn't the ramblings of a person who had chemo thus morning. 

    Take care

    Shaz x

  • Hi Shaz,

    Very helpful thankyou. Found out yesterday,

    My surgeon wants me to wait for the genes results .  I had an aunt who had breast cancer. That might be why. I'm so glad yuu are recovering well. 


  • Hi GillP

    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, glad that you've found this supportive space. I hope that you're taking good care of you.

    I didn't have the dilemma that you have but almost wish I had. 

    I had a left mastectomy and right lumpectomy in April. Also, sentinel node biopsy on both sides. I had two different cancers in each breast. I've had genetic testing due to having bilateral cancer, even though there's no family history and I'm older, at 59. I still don't have the result.

    Next steps proposed are  chemotherapy and then radiotherapy on my remaining breast. 

    However, after much thought, I have elected to have a right side mastectomy also and therefore not have radiotherapy. My reasoning is: the lobular cancer in my right breast was not detected by mammogram or ultrasound, only on MRI. I don't feel confident that if the same type recurs in that breast it'll be detected, especially as the breast is now also full of scar tissue due to the lumpectomy. MRIs are not routinely offered 

    I wasn't offered the option of a double mastectomy prior to my surgery and I'm not sure what I'd have decided. As even the thought of losing one breast was horrendous then.  However,  now that I've experienced it and have got my strength back, it isn't as scary and I know I can cope. Though of course it's not what I'd ever have wished for and know that I am still grieving for my body that was. 

    So, I'll be having chemotherapy for the next 5mths, then right side mastectomy.  Perhaps reconstruction later down the line.

    I wish you well with your decision making, treatment and healing. Know that you have deep reserves of resilience and strength than you ever thought possible.  Hugs, Shaka

  • Hi,

    Thank you- that is probably why as I am the only lucky one in my family to be diagnosed.

    Good luck.

    Shaz x