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Just wanted to say hello. Share a little. Diagnosed with invasive breast cancer on 18th April with a tiny 4mm tumour. Surgery delayed due to another shadow showing on MRI and after various further investigations which showed the shadow to be clear, I'm now scheduled for wide local excision and Sentinl Lymph Node biopsy on 11th. June. Tumour now measures 24mm at last appointment.... not sure how concerning this is? Still feel a little lost, not sure how I feel or how I'm meant to be feeling. Some days it feels like it's not real and not happening, other days it's all I can think about. It's reassuring to be able to share with others going through the same/similar. 

    1. Hi, I am same just diagnosed also. Having the wide local excision and lymph nodes biopsy tomorrow. Some days I feel okay others I feel scared and anxious. Trying to take it step by step. Fingers crossed, hope all goes well for you also. We can fight this X
  • I feel like surgery is only the beginning of the journey but as my husband pointed out to me today, it's the next chapter, not the beginning. For me, the journey started in February when I found the lump. 

    Best of luck for tomorrow! I hope everything goes as well as it can and hope to see some positive updates from you xx

  • Hi Babybel,

    I had a similar op to your nearly two months ago and two lymph nodes removed. It is a shock when you are told and it is important you take a bit of time to let it register and sink in.

    You have made the first big step by finding the Macmillan site, also do visit your nearest Macmillan centre, a list is on here, or ring them on 0808 808 0000, they are superbly helpful and give you lots of great info, do walks, talks and lots more. Please also get a good support structure in place, family, friends, good work colleagues, I’ve lived on my own for nigh on forty years, but realised you can’t do this on your own. I also go for a short walk every day (British weather permitting) and do a daily diary, this is mega helpful, as it gets everything off your chest and out of your system. It is important during the day to keep yourself occupied, hobbies, interests etc., it stops you from dwelling on what is going on. You ay also find it beneficial to listen to a meditation podcast, they really help you to relax especially when you are trying to get to sleep. I use one called ‘Go Gently’ by Christine Elizabeth Smith, it does a lot for me.

    Whatever you do, do not visit Doctor Google as I feel this just stresses you out mOrr often then not.

    I know it’s hard sometimes, but try and keep as positive as possible can, have positive people around you and dump the negativity, above all, be kind to yourself, you are going through a lot. I promise you, you will get through this. You are never alone and can always come and chat to us shower in here.

    Take care and big