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Hi new to the forum, just been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer for the second time . Recovering from lymph node clearence. Have been referred to oncology for preventative treatment so waiting for that appointment. Trying to stay positive but some days it’s so hard . Good to have a place to share.


  • Hi Barb1,

    I had a lumpectomy just over a month ago and two lymph nodes removed, I’m so sorry to learn you are going through this again.that must have been hard for you.

    You have made the right move by finding the Macmillan site, also do visit your nearest Macmillan centre, a list is on here, or ring them on 0808 808 0000, they are superbly helpful and give you lots of great info, do walks, talks and lots more. Please also get a good support structure in place, family, friends, good work colleagues, I’ve lived on my own for nigh on forty years, but realised you can’t do this on your own. I also go for a short walk every day (British weather permitting) and do a daily diary, this is mega helpful, as it gets everything off your chest and out of your system. It is important during the day to keep yourself occupied, hobbies, interests etc.,it stops you from dwelling on what is going on. You ay also find it beneficial to listen to a meditation podcast, they really help you to relax especially when you are trying to get to sleep. I use one called ‘Go Gently’ by Christine Elizabeth Smith, it does a lot for me.

    I know it’s hard sometimes, but try and keep as positive as possible can, have positive people around you and dump the negativity, above all, be kind to yourself - I promise you, you will get through this. You are never alone and can always come and chat to us shower in here.

    I’ll keep my fingers and everything crossed for for you, take care and big hugs.

  • Hi Barb1

    Welcome to the forum and I am sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer for the second tine.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your treatment.

    Best wishes


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