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I was diagnosed last Friday and I don’t think the news has sunk in as I feel very upbeat at the moment. I suppose it is my way of coping although my husband and adult kids are struggling. I think until I start my treatment then it will all seem real! We are seeing the oncologist tomorrow for a treatment plan and last year we took out private health care. The service received has been outstanding with the nhs and my dilemma is should I go private or stay with nhs. I am receiving different views and opinions. Does anyone have thoughts/experiences? Thanks you and have a lovely day x

  • I was referred by my GP to the NHS clinic at my local hospital. I was seen very quickly but, as I have private health insurance, I opted to continue privately and was able to work with the same brilliant surgeon I saw at my initial NHS appointment. 
    For me the benefits were immediate treatment (I’d have had four to five months wait for surgery on the NHS), a private room, longer visiting hours and a choice of specialists. 
    good luck, whatever you decide. 

  • I’m starting radio tomorrow , I’ve had private treatment .if you want to Pm me, please do . I’ll be out for a few hours this morning . 

  • Hi, I have private cover through work.  From a consultant perspective it was the same person and some times I had scans and even my surgery at the NHS hospital.  I understand the private pays the NHS for this, so I see this as a positive contribution to the NHS. Scan times for private at our hospital are always early evening, which really suited me.

    I had chemo and phesgo injunctions. The first two were at the NHS hospital and the remaining ones at home, super convenient and no burden on the NHS.   Hope these thoughts help with your decision.  Best wishes 

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  • It depends on who your insurer is and what type of cover they offer .  I had all mine in private hospitals . Some insurers will give you cash back to use the NHS .