Lumpectomy or Mastectomy

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Hi all i am new to this. I have 2 cancerous lumps in left breast and 3 lymph nodes. Saw breast surgeon monday scheduled for surgery 24th may. He has given me the choice of lumpectomy or mastectomy. He is calling me tuesday afternoon for my answer. Hopefully he will have most of results back from 2nd biopsy. 

Its a hard decision. Breast care nurse not called me yet and dont no when she is calling. My head is going round and round with so many questions. 

Anybody else been in this situation? 

Thanks for reading x

  • Hi sorry you find yourself in the club no one wants to be in.  Yes I was in the same situation as you.  I asked my surgeon if there was less risk of the cancer returning if I had a mastectomy.  He said the only risk was a second surgery if margins weren’t clear.  I needed a second surgery but the bcn said to look at it as another step in the process.  Apparently this happens quite often.  Margins were clear after 2nd surgery but the surgeon told me it depends on the size of breast as to how many surgeries would be performed.  My 2nd surgery was followed by two weeks radiotherapy.  Hope this helps in making your decision. 

  • Hi thanks for your reply. Bcn called me this afternoon have arranged to meet up with her on Friday. She has answered some questions already but you have just given me some more to ask. Thank you. I hope you are doing well. 

  • Wishing you lots of happiness going forward.

    what I would like to say, I have had a mastectomy on the right side and a lumpectomy on left as far as recovery going a lumpectomy is much easier and less painful.

    good luck my lovely lady PrayRainbowPrayRainbow