CEA Blood Results?

Does anybody have any knowledge about CEA (Carcinoembryonic Antigen) blood results?

I understand that the average range for a woman is 0-2.5! I also understand that this range is higher for smokers (which I am) 0-5. I also know that these markers don't return to normal for, sometimes, 4 months after tumour removal. 

My results were :

10.3 - Oct'21 (one month after surgery)

8.7 - Dec'21 (part way through Chemo)

9.9 - May'22 (one week after Radiotherapy completion)

My concern is obviously why has my reading gone up, when I've finished the main part of treatment? It doesn't fill me with confidence that all the cancer has gone! 

Does anybody have any extra knowledge/experience? 

  • Hi I was never checked for this , mine were all the usual stuff. Is this a special requested blood test ?

    I’ve not heard of it either 

  • I didn't know they tested for it until I asked for a print out of blood results last week! I'd had those taken prior to Zometa infusion! 

    I then noticed that the CEA result was above the normal range! I later found out the previous results for Oct and Dec! 

    So, I have no idea why they took them on those occasions and not others!Thinking

    I'm obviously trying to get an answer from Hospital, but no joy! They have been pretty rubbish for the last 10 months, so don't expect they'll change now! x