Removing dressings after surgery

Hi all, can anyone advise, my breast care nurse said my dressing can come off at the weekend ( I had lumpectomy and lymph biopsy on Tuesday) but I've just looked through all the leaflets and they say to leave on for 10 to 14 days.

How long did you keep your dressing on for? 

Many thanks

  • Hi! I was told not to remove mine, but to wait until I'd seen my Nurse at GP Surgery, which was on Day 10! She then removed them, cleaned the wounds and re-dressed - as she said that they hadn't healed sufficiently! I then saw her a week later and she redressed them, but with smaller dressings that time! She gave me some dressings to take home, which I changed every other day, for about another week, and then I removed them! 

    So, I should imagine that everyone is different, depending on how the wounds are healing! Hope this helps x 

  • Thank you, that's helpful, I guess I should leave on for at least a week 

  • Hello,  yes I keep them on  you'll be very tender. Day 10  is better. Mine started to come away around then in the shower, xx

  • Hello, I had a mastectomy and visited the Dr for check up on day 7, she removed dressing cleaned and replaced. I then had my drain removed on Day 10 (as I’d accidentally pulled it out, was happy to have it gone) and she removed my dressing that day. Headed nicely I still have a seroma but that’s also slowly reducing. 
    Hope you are feeling good and recovering well x