Regain for women?

Has anyone used regain (the hair restorer)? I ordered some online from boots and when it arrived, I read the instructions and it said that if hair loss was due to chemicals (or words to that effect)…. one shouldn’t use it, so I returned it. Yet I’ve read on this forum that some people have in fact used it. Is there anyone who has used it with good results and had the OK from their oncologist. My last chemo was 5 weeks ago. Any feedback appreciated xxx

  • Hi Mazz welcome to the forum. This question keeps popping up every now and again and as far as I know it is at least 1 year before anything like these types of things can be used. The hair is very fragile after treatment and can take a long time to get back to any level of strength and growth. 

    I would be tempted not to use any of these chemicals  at all for now. 


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  • Yes just don't think you can use those products just yet, I was advised to rub flaxseed oil into the scalp and eyelashes by another BC friend. Xx

  • Thank you, good to have some clarification, seems I made the right decision, I’d have hated to compromise my bit of fluff WinkGrinning. Seriously, every little bit of progress is so important! 

  • Thanks for the link, I’ll certainly take a look xx

  • Hi, am about 3 months post chemo and looking after the fluff on my head too! I have about half an inch of soft hair now. I have been using unscented faith in nature shampoo on mine. I gather hair growth is slower over a few months as the follicles come back to life, and then it speeds up. Am trying to be patient, but really want my hair back at the right length with a click of my fingers!!