Breast cancer

Hi  I've just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I had my right breast removed along with some underarm nodes for testing on Monday.  I'm very anxious as I have to wait three weeks for my results.  I've been told that my cancer is grade two but that's all I've been told.  I kniw uts only day three after my mastcomy but I as so so tired.  I've been sleeping day and night.  Does it get easier and does anyone kniw what will happen next

  • Morning Willow123, sorry to hear about your cancer and I’m quite shocked that you don’t seem to have been told even what type of breast cancer you have.  I had a masectomy last December (albeit with reconstruction), it really isn’t so unusual to be so tired, so please don’t worry about that. Rest when you need to, that’s what I do and it helps. It does get easier, but it is a rollercoaster of a journey and so my advice would be to try and take one step at a time and not think too far ahead. Although, I know we’re all different, that approach works for me. In respect of what happens next - pathology will examine your breast tissue and lymph nodes and the findings will be heard at MDT meeting when they are available. If you haven’t already, you will likely then be given a results appointment to discuss your results. They should then tell you more about your specific cancer type including with it is hormone and HER2 positive or negative etc. they will then talk through with you any recommended further treatment (or not). 
    I hope that helps put your mind at rest a little. It can feel overwhelming and that’s to be expected, but you’re not alone - reach out if you need to any time. 
    virtusl hugs Mickey xHeart

  • Hi Willow, Sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis. It is a bit shocking that you’ve already gone through surgery without, been fully informed about the type of breast cancer you have. Every body her is great for advice and general chat, as Mickey says your not alone there is always someone here . In the mean time you could ring your breast care nurse unit and they  should be able to give you all the information about your diagnosis and answer any questions you have, that is what they are there for anytime. 
    love n hugs D xx

  • Thank you Mickey  I have an appointment on 16th June so hopefully I will know more then xx

  • Thank you I've rang and I've been told I've got grade 2 invasive ductial breast cancer.  I have an appointment on 16th June and will get my results and see if it has spread to my lymp nodes.  I'm so so scared  I think it's the not knowing and the wait is so long that's the worrying part xx

  • It is so hard the waiting, definitely one of the hardest parts of this rollercoaster journey, I think. I’m glad you rang and the BCN at least told you what type of cancer you have. I’ll keep everything crossed for you on 16th.  Rest/sleep as you need to between now and then. Everything is always so much harder when you’re tired. 
    virtual hugs Mickey xxHeart

  • Ah so glad you’ve been able to speak to some one and your appointment will come round faster than you realise, especially as your still recovering from surgery. Take each day as it come there's no rules  do as much or as little as your body allows. Your body needs time recover before starting the next phase what ever that may be so try and see that the couple of weeks waiting as good thing. 
    take care xx