Triple neg breast cancer

Hi have not long been diagnosed with triple neg breast cancer and now everything is s happening so fast there is no history of breast cancer in the family but they are going to genetic test me which scares me as I have a daughter and God hope she is not at risk . Been told will have EC pc chemo followed by surgery then radiotherapy  I just feel all over the place I had my first EC chemo yesterday and even with sickness tabs feel really sick and feel like I am made of lead everything really hard to do got a letter this morning to asking me to have a heart scan at rest not been mentioned by my oncologist does anyone know why I have to go for this thank you for letting me just get everything out to as I feel like going to expload inside 

  • Hi there, I’m not sure but I know that I had to have an ecg and heart scan before I started chemo just because it can affect your heart. Im surprised you have already started your chemo. I’m now finished chemo thank god but still feeling the effects 4 weeks later! Wishing you good luck and hopefully everything goes straightforward for you.  My team are now suggesting they might do this genetic testing on me too and maybe I will go on a clinical trial but it’s just being talked about at the moment. I too have a daughter and no history of breast cancer in my family. You just have to put yourself in the hands of the experts and pray they get it right! Sending love x


  • Hello Breastbaby, welcome. Have you been allocated a nurse that you can contact about any concerns or queries? I found this really helpful initially when everything was happening quickly and I was bombarded with so much information that it was difficult to take in everything that was happening. As has already been posted, it's not unusual to have a heart scan prior to chemo as certain types of chemo can affect the heart. I also had another heart scan following chemo - prior to surgery - to check that everything was still ok.

    With regards to genetic testing, you mentioned in another thread that you were waiting for a 'family history' appointment. Different hospitals do things differently but I had an initial discussion to find out if there was any family history of cancer (not just breast) and they then made a decision whether to progress to conducting genetic testing or not. It's apparently quite expensive to do so they pre-screened first to check whether there is a possibility of any genetic link - this may be what will happen at your family history appointment but they will explain everything to you at the meeting. Despite having a history of breast and other cancers in my family I was told that I didn't meet the criteria for genetic testing, so try not to get scared or worried about this at the moment, although easier said than done I know.

    Everything seems like a whirlwind initially but the best advice I received was to take each day at a time rather than worry about what may/may not happen. There's a lot to take in after a diagnosis so don't be afraid to ask your medical team questions if you're not clear about anything, and if your anti-sickness medication isn't helping much give the chemo team a call as they will be able to help. There is a lot of friendly support here from others who have been through similar so keep posting, and I hope that your treatment goes well x

    For info, in addition to members here who are triple negative there is also a forum specifically for triple negative breast cancer which you might find useful:

  • Hi Breastbaby, 

    I am on the same treatment as you, although I couple months ahead, I’ve had 3 of 4 EC. It does get a bit easier when you get a routine with things, you will have a few tough days but you will start to feel better closer to next treatment, it’s a storm we have to ride out one day at a time but the sun will come up again when we beat this bugger! 

    Each treatment plan differs a bit depending on you and your team,   and health authority. I had Heart scan after first Chemo, it was to monitor effects of Chemo, this will be repeated at some stage. They are now looking into high BP, I’ve always had it but my Gp has not done anything about it so far but I had a ECG last week and got a telephone consult to discuss on Monday. I also had mammogram and ultrasound after my second Chemo and the lump had shrunk, so all this is moving forward. I am also booked in for Kidney function test on Tuesday and then my forth EC on Thursday, I move onto pax in June, I am of course worried about that but that’s a worry for then not now! My Oncologist warned me about various tests along the way and I am thankful they are keeping an eye on everything, if the plan has to be amended based in test findings then so be it. I can’t make this rubbish go away on my own but I am thankful and trust in how far medical science has come to be walking me through this.

    Hang in there, we are going to come out the other side of this storm. Xxx 

  • Hi . I also have triple negative BC and I had my first EC chemo 12 days ago. I am feeling good now. Don’t worry about the heart scan, it’s just so they have a baseline of your ECG function as the epirubicin has some rare side effects in that area. They are likely to check you again at the end of treatment and part way through. 

  • Thank you soon much it makes me feel a bit better nowing not on my own  will have a look at this other forum to thanks for the advice 

  • Thank you so much for these words of advice and support 

  • Glad to hear from someone just a few days in front of where I am starting to feel a bit more energy to day than yesterday and you are right just got to take it one step at a time 

  • I've recently been diagnosed  with triple  negative,  I have my genetics  test on tue, no history  of breast cancer in family , but they also look at other factors prior to offering the test, I have my first oncologist on Wednesday after managing  to get a cancellation,  otherwise  it would have been another 3 weeks wait,  hopefully  won't be long before  I start chemotherapy  too!  Similar  path to yours, hope everything  goes OK for u x