Secondary breast cancer in the spine

Can anyone tell me what to expect. I have secondary breast cancer in the spine and have refused chemo. I have just finished a 5 day course of radiography.

  • Hello Chime, I am sorry to hear that you have cancer too. There are a few breast cancer support groups on this macmillan site - one is for people secondary breast cancer. I imagine that support group would have the most helpful answers to your questions. xxx

  • Hi Chime, 

    Is your cancer ER+ or Her+? If so you can have treatment that is not classified as chemo and is much less difficult to deal with. I have multiple bone mets and am living an almost normal life on targeted treatment. Talk to your oncologist. Good luck. 

  • Hi Meiard,

    My cancer is Her+. I just had a consultation with the radiologist who pointed out that the cancer on my T4 is about 80%. He said if T4 collapses then I shall be paralyzed. Not sure how far down T4 is. I also have a pathological fracture of my 6th rib caused by the cancer. Today is painful and I'm feeling sorry for myself.

  • Hi Chime, no wonder you are feeling sorry for yourself; that’s grim news to deal with! T4 means thoracic 4 so in the bit of your spine around the chest. Has your onc said what they are going to do to stabilise it? They can inject cement to support it I believe! There are also meds that help stabilise bones; denosumab is the one I am on and it seems ok to deal with. 
    I hope you quickly get effective pain relief and the help you need to support your spine! 
    mary x

  • Hi Mary,

    Tried Denusomab but didn't get on with it. I am only on Exemestane which reduces Oestrogen.The radiotherapy is supposed to slow it down. Haven't heard of those injections but will ask my Onc when I speak to him next month. Thank you for your support. Chime x