Breast cancer right breast

Hi there, I was diagnosed yesterday. Looks like a mastectomy. I have asked for a reconstruction but wonder if anyone can explain how the numbness feels as I have quite a large breast and am scared as to how that will be, is it worth it?

  • Hi Mellowyyellow99

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and that you have to have a mastectomy.  While I can’t answer your question as I only had a lumpectomy I notice you hadn’t had any replies so I thought I’d get you started. This is a very busy group but I’m sure there will be someone along soon to answer your question.

    Best f luck with your operation and do let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi. I had a single mastectomy on 22nd November.  I'm quite a large lady too. My scar was quite swollen but I had clips after surgery and a drain.  It soon settled down.  But I can't have reconstructive surgery until after 12 months.  I did ask for it straight away but my consultant said they can't do it straight away.  My under arm is still tender. They do give you exercises to do. Hope it all goes well. Xx

  • Hi there, I had a left mastectomy in December and diep reconstruction. I also had a reduction on my right side as I was quite large (GG).This was recommended by my plastic surgeon. I have lobular cancer and dense breast tissue.   Once all the swelling has gone down I should be a C/D cup on both sides. The diep is a big surgery and I have had some issues with one wound healing but I am very happy with the results and for me I think it was the right decision.  It is a very personal one though - I wish you luck with whatever you decide x

  • Sorry, meant to say that although reconstructed breast is a bit numb I do have feeling in it ie can feel when it is touched. 

  • Thanks Jules2000, I've got a million questions for the consultant and no answers yet but that is good to know thank you.

  • Hello and welcome.

    I'm a big breasted lady. I had a mastectomy last week. I have to wait for a reconstruction due to having radiotherapy later on after chemo. 

    One of my husband's work colleagues had a diep flap reconstruction and says it's her favourite boob! My SIL had a double mx with implants due to carrying the gene. She doesn't really have much feeling in them. She burnt her boob by tucking her phone into her top after it had been in the sun!

    Do your research first and work out which one you like the idea of. I'm probably going to opt for a diep flap reconstruction as I'd like something that more resembles my original boob.